HIPAA Privacy & HIPAA Security

Four Seasons Consulting Group offers staff training for HIPAA compliance and analysis of your HIPAA Privacy & HIPAA Security practices.

  • HIPAA Privacy & Security assessment
  • Incident management strategies
  • Quarterly HIPAA audits
  • Policies & Procedures for HIPAA compliance
  • Managing risk: use and disclosure of PHI
  • Self-reporting requirements
  • Preparing for an OCR audit
  • Just-in-time consulting services for emerging incidents

 HIPAA Privacy & HIPAA Security Team

  • Melody King Melody King
    • Melody King, MSJ

      Melody serves as the Compliance Manager and HIPAA Officer at Four Seasons. She graduated from Seton Hall University School of Law with a Master of Jurisprudence in Health and Hospital Law. Melody has a background in lab compliance and health education, and has immersed herself in healthcare privacy law, hospice regulations, audit response, and contract law. Melody has a clear passion for educating teams and fostering a culture of compliance across all facets of an organization. “Compliance is so much more than simply following the rules. It is the pursuit of excellence. It is the way we demonstrate our commitment to patient privacy and autonomy. It is the careful steps we take to ensure that each patient is getting the right care at the right time. And it is measurable – in the ways that we document our care, and in the ways that we collaborate with members of the team, the family, and the community that we serve. A healthy compliance program will not only protect the organization; it becomes part of the organization’s identity. This is an important way we can differentiate ourselves from our competitors.”