Ten years ago, there were very few palliative care programs in hospitals in America. Now, many hospitals across the nation are offering palliative care services, and the number is growing rapidly. Not only has palliative care programs shown a major impact in cost savings for the hospital where those services are provided but also palliative care has been shown to extend survival, increase patient and family satisfaction, and lessen the likelihood of readmission to the hospital.  All great wins and major priorities for most hospitals and healthcare systems in America.

While in the hospital, palliative care helps link hospital departments and services resulting in more effective and efficient use of hospital resources and better patient outcomes.  Hospitals are also recognizing the value of palliative care upon patient discharge from the hospital. Palliative care can coordinate community resources with the patient/family, and expedite a seamless transition from inpatient to outpatient.  This is why, nationally, we are seeing the 125% growth rate in palliative care being provided in hospital settings throughout America.  Palliative Care truly gets to the heart of how to accomplish the triple aim in the acute care setting.