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    • Consulting Services

      Gain a career-changing mentorship experience that is suited specifically to your educational and clinical practice needs. Learn via hands-on experience in various settings, with access to expertise in building a sustainable palliative care program. Visit our Consulting page to learn more.

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  • Palliative Care Immersion Courses
    • Palliative Care Immersion Courses

      Register for our Palliative Care Immersion Course for a comprehensive educational experience geared toward expanding clinical knowledge, learning best business practices, and mastering complex case management. Courses are held in April, July, and October of each year at MAHEC in Asheville, North Carolina. Learn more.

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  • Center of Excellence Workshops
    • Engage in a Center of Excellence Workshop that is tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Four Seasons Consulting Group offers dynamic solutions and detailed program models centered around numerous topics within the fields of hospice, palliative care, leadership, and clinical research via 1-2 day workshops.

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  • Building and Sustaining a Palliative Care Program
    • Building and Sustaining a Palliative Care Program

      Come join the Four Seasons team in learning how to build and sustain a palliative care program. This interactive course will cover assessing your local environment, legal and compliance regulations, financial sustainability in a fee for service and value based reimbursement system, working with payors and ACOs, staffing models and team composition, quality standards and metrics, Four Seasons Leadership system, and marketing and development. The unique properties of delivering palliative care in various care settings – hospital, home, clinic, and nursing facilities will be covered. One can plan on leaving with budget projections, dashboards created around metrics, and strategic planning.

      May 7-9, 2018


In all of my endeavors, I try to align myself with others who do it best. Adventuring into palliative care is no different – I want to learn from those who do it best. The group at Four Seasons is at least one of the best if not the best. They show their passions and… Read more “Shere Catoe, NP”

Shere Catoe, NP

The course material/time was intense, but I found the experience rewarding and enlightening for what Hospice/Palliative Care providers do. I appreciated the enthusiasm of Dr. Bull/Dr. Morris as moderators, kept the people engaged. The “role playing” was difficult at times, “but” helpful to emphasize the points made during the lectures. Incidentally, I think I have… Read more “Bob Webb, MD”

Bob Webb, MD