Role Play really helped with team building within our group. Feel more connected to these peers than I usually do in class/conference settings.

 Melisa Klein, NP

Upon coming to the course we were warmly greeted, setting the tone for the entire conference. It makes a big difference, but comfortable chairs allowed us to focus. It was nice and simple, but the lady serving food, the front desk, all were great. It is a great experience. Easily the best conference I have been in, in 7 years and I go to 4-5 a year.

Jason Brown, PA

Overall excellent course! Will recommend it to all!

Mark Kishbaugh, PA

John and Janet are fantastic educators, and have shared so much expertise in the course. I hope to one day be as skilled as they are. I enjoyed the role plays and that we kept the same people but rotated facilitators. I want to be Janet when I grow up.

Mackenzie Houser, NP

My goal was to gain confidence in the specialty of PC. I’ve gained it! I cannot wait to use my new -found confidence into practice Monday. Thank You. I highly recommend this course!

Tessa Kovick, NP

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